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Jaspa Logistics a world class, professionally mana...Keep Reading
Jaspa Logistics a world class, professionally mana...Keep Reading
Global Outsourcing

Leading global companies are re-assessing the way they source direct and indirect spend categories, driven by cost and competitive pressures,increased globalization and outsourcing, and advancements in sourcing practices and technologies.

As pressure, and even scrutiny, on the organization increases, sourcing is becoming a more strategic and critical business function. Studies show that companies with advanced sourcing operations and technology are more likely to identify and capture sustainable savings, spending 5% to 8.5% less on their materials and services as compared to competitors. For those using advanced sourcing to procure direct materials and services, the benefits are reflected in their top line. Overall, organizations using advanced sourcing are also better at reducing supply risks and more likely to have selfsufficient sourcing professionals and organizations.

Sourcing delivers immediate value to your business

Drive Sustainable Savings – With Jaspa Sourcing, your organization will sustainably reduce costs on a broad range of spend categories by leveraging industry-best practices and capabilities. The solution allows you to move quickly from ‘low-hanging fruit,’ to more complex categories such as direct materials, transportation and specialty services. Intuitive and easyto- use functionality encourages rapid and broad adoption across the enterprise. Jaspas’ advanced sourcing optimization empowers your organization to realize best value, not just best price, from your supply base by factoring cost, risk and performance factors into decision-making.

Mitigate Risks and Enforce Compliance – Standard, repeatable sourcing processes bring visibility and transparency to your sourcing organization and events, making it easier to enforce and demonstrate compliance to regulations and policies. Further, your organization will reduce exposure by evaluating risk factors during the sourcing process and allocating more spend to preferred suppliers. Jaspa Sourcing also enables you to solicit bids at short notice in the event of supply disruption.

Improve Productivity and Build Self-Reliance -Jaspa Sourcing also increases your team’s productivity and shortens cycle time, freeing resources to run more events and get more spend under control. It helps eliminate errors and downstream issues. At Jaspa Sourcing’s we have reporting capabilities that help your teams stay current on event activity and results, even on the move. Jaspa Logistics employs dedicated teams of Product specialists to focus on the specific needs of particular customers for each product category. We provide the convenience of a complete start-to-finish management of supply chain.Working in unison with our customers, we provide for their needs of competitive pricing, quality on-time delivery, as well as ethical sourcing. We manage the logistics of producing and exporting private label consumer goods across many manufacturers and countries to effectively manage global supply chains and customer relationship management.

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